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    Finding person from military photo?


      Hi everyone,

      I'm brand new here as my research brought me here.   I guess you could say I'm at an experienced level as finding ancestry information in general, but finding military information is a bit confusing to me - particularly the situation I'm in.  I was going through my dad's baby book a few weeks ago when I uncovered quite a gem.  It's a full size military unit photo.  The photo is so large it had been folded several times.


      The mystery to me is what family member is in this photo.  Initially, I thought finding information would be quick and easy given the photo has a lot of information printed right on it.  The photo states:

      "Co C 307th Airborne Engineer Bn. 82nd Airborne Division

      Co Comm. Capt. Frank J Martinez

      1st Sgt. Harley B. Harmon

      Exec. Off. Lt. Hiram G. Fuller

      Ft. Benning, GA

      Feb 7, 1948"


      I am not used to looking for information from a photo... so I don't have a name, which has made this a bit of a confusing process.  I've been all over the web and can't seem to find a "roster" or anything.  What makes it even more frustrating is this appears to be "company C", which makes it even more specific.  Does anyone have any advice on where I might be able to go to figure this one out?  =-/