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    Civil War: avoiding the draft by hiring a replacement


      I have an ancestor, who my husband refers to as a 'carpetbagger'. He says that he likely 'paid someone' to serve for him. I've read that 'if you were healthy and were among those called, you had to several options provided by the federal: pay a substitute to take your place; pay a commutation fee of $300, enabling you to avoid service; or join the fight." This particular ancestor was born in Jefferson Co., IA June 21, 1841. In 1860 he was 18 and living with his parents in Polk, Co., IA. He attended college in Meadville, PA and moved to Andrew Co. MO to become a lawyer. He was admitted to practice in 1865.


      All that said, its likely that he would have avoid serving in the Civil War. How can I prove this belief? Are there records that can be accessed to see if he 'paid someone'?  His name is Ira Clay Buzick


      I look forward to any insight that can be shared.


      Luci Baker Johnson