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    DA 1577


      My DA 1577 has the number "2" next to medal 38, Vietnam Service Medal. What does this mean?

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          Is the "2" in box nine on the bottom half of the form, for service stars? My guess would be you earned two Vietnam Service Medals, there were 17 different periods that would allow for multiple awards, and that's what they meant by putting that "2" there.

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            Holly Rivet Tracker

            Dear Mr. Moore,

            Thank you for posting your question to the History Hub!

            Without seeing the document, I must infer that the “2” you are seeing is next to code 38 from Box 4.  For Service Medals, bronze indicates one campaign while silver indicates five. So either two or ten campaigns were earned in either support or operations in any of the seventeen campaigns in Vietnam.  I recommend referring to the Government Publishing Office’s website regarding these campaigns to determine how many and which ones you earned depending on the time frames you served there.

            Also, many veterans find that they are entitled to more awards than they were aware of when they request a medals inquiry to the National Personnel Records Center.  You may access the request form here.  It will instruct you as to how to submit your request.

            We hope this information is helpful.  Thank you for your service and best of luck with your endeavor!



            Holly Rivet

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