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    Packhorse library in Rowan County KY


      I am looking for any information on the Packhorse Library and Librarians in Rowan County (Morehead) Kentucky. They started in 1937 and ended in 1939 when a fire destroyed all their materials. I would also love to find pictures of any of the librarians or the building (Caskey Hotel). The information I have found in the local newspapers is confusing and sometimes contradictory. And I was also wondering it there was a  WPA regular library here.


      And I would love to anything on the WPA in Rowan County, such as the schools, voting houses and the old jail and superintendent's office. Those were recently save from destruction by the citizens of the county.



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          Dear Ms. Leach,

          There are several series of records that could potentially include information on WPA libraries in Kentucky. The National Archives facility in College Park, Maryland has a series of State Reports, which includes reports on the WPA’s Library Service Program, as well as a series of Narrative Reports on various WPA projects. For more information on these records, the reference staff in College Park can be reached at archives2reference@nara.gov.

          Additionally, the Still Picture branch in College Park also has at least one series, 69-FERA, that includes photographs of “horseback librarians’ in Kentucky. Still Pictures staff can be reached at stillpix@nara.gov.

          Thank you for using History Hub, and best of luck with your research!

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