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    Looking for group photo of interns @ White House


      I worked as in intern at the Office of Nat'l Drug Control Policy in the summer 1995.  Around August/September '95, all the interns gathered at the exterior of the White House for a group photo with President Clinton.  I'm looking for that photo.  My searches of images on the web, and the Clinton Library specifically, haven't turned up what I want.  I did find a photo of interns from 2000, and also a cropped photo including M. Lewinsky.  I honestly don't know if that Lewinsky photo is the one I want--I could be cropped out.  1. How can I find/view the original uncropped image of that Lewinsky photo?  2.  If I'm not in that photo, how do I find the one I'm in?  Thanks in advance.

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          Dear A. Houston,


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          Here is the response from the Clinton Library:


          "The White House photographs you are requesting at part of the holdings at the William J. Clinton Presidential Library. Please email Audiovisual Archivist John Keller at John.Keller@nara,gov with your request. Please include a photo of yourself so we can properly identify you in the requested photos. In addition please send the relative dates associated with any photo you are requesting."