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    How can I find my grandfather who served in the Army if I'm uncertain of which war he served in?


      Isaac Sams, here:


      My grandfather, Hal Sams, served in the US Army for a span of 40 years.  I met him due to, my adoption, at the age of 8 years, when I was just growing up.  (By the way: Now, this day, and age: I'm 31 years old).  What I wanted to know, was, how to find him, since he's both retired from the active services and, deceased since the year 2005.  (*When I got out of school one day, I'd heard bad news:  "Grand-Dad's gone, son."  "But, don't worry, you'll see 'em again in Heaven...okay?"  Tears just started running down my face that day.  I can still recall it like it was only yesterday, and see and feel those same exact feelings as if it's still happening.  Grand-dad (Hal) Sams was special to me, not only because he served, but because he was my grand-dad.  He always had stories to tell that made me laugh when I'd come over for a visit with my family after Sunday morning church.  We'd have our lunch together, watch a little TV, and...where would Grand-dad go: out for a cigarette.  It'd just be great if I could see him again.  Since I know he is gone on Earth, and in the afterlife, in Heaven, I've tried looking in the obituaries for Morristown, TN.  (No dice).  Google doesn't do it, either, at least when I try it.  Some help would be extremely nice.  Like I said before hand, Name: Hal Sams; Year of Death: 2005; Race: Caucasian (White); and anything else that might need to be added to the list of information let me know if you need it to track this down.

      -- Thanks, a Million, in advance!!

      (Isaac Sams, 31)