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    John Thompson outlaw Oklahoma


      Send picture of Sonny Thompson in Muscogee (Creek) Nation museum, Okmulgee, Oklahoma.  Trying to get information on this person.  Maybe kinfolk.


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          Dear Ms. Rodriguez-Armstrong,


          Thank you for contacting History Hub!


          Can you say more about what you are trying to find on John/Sonny Thompson? 


          While National Archives staff cannot do genealogical research for individuals, we can tell you about our records that may be helpful in your research. If John/Sonny Thompson was a member of a recognized tribe and was living with the tribe, there could be a record of them on the Indian Census Rolls.  You can search them yourself online.  You may also like to review the National Archives’ webpage regarding the Dawes Rolls and how to research them. 


          If you come to a National Archives location you can use our computers for free. Otherwise you pay a subscription fee for the site. Sometimes you may find free service at your local library. If John/Sonny Thompson was not a member of a federally recognized tribe we will not have a record of them as an Indian under the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA).


          Best of luck with your research. Thank you again for using History Hub.



          Holly Rivet


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