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    What's the meaning of "net tonnage: ballast" in entry blotters?


      Greetings. I recently looked at the Foreign Entrance Blotters for 1941 at the Nat'l Archives in NYC. I'm trying to decipher one of the subheadings under "Net Tonnage" that reads "Ballast" (see image, below). As net tonnage is used a measure of a ship's volume, is this the volume of the ballast portion of the ship, or the actual amount of ballast a ship is carrying at the time of entering port?  Or something else?


      Any other context much appreciated. For example, there is never more than one entry across a given "Net Tonnage" row, meaning a ship, for example, can't be registered as both having "Ballast" and "General." Why would this be?


      Headings of the Foreign Entrance Blotter. How is net tonnage ballast determined?

      Thanks for your help!