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    New transcription mission! Tales from the Trenches

    Meredith Doviak Adventurer

      As part of the commemoration of the United States’ entry into World War I, archival units across the National Archives prioritized the digitization of Word War I records. The Records of Divisions, 1917 - 1920 series was recently digitized and added to the Catalog.


      These records are the focus of a new transcription mission for our citizen archivists. Take a look and help us transcribe these incredible records! Within this series, you will find remarkable and moving accounts of war through unit histories, station lists, operations reports, messages, field orders, correspondence, general orders, special orders, bulletins, and memorandums that document the service of each American Expeditionary Forces combat division during its participation in World War I.



      We were especially moved by these descriptions of the battlefield by the soldiers who experienced the war first hand. We hope you will explore these records and help transcribe them to make them more discoverable. Transcribing these records will bring history to life and ensure the soldiers’ stories will not be forgotten. Have you uncovered extraordinary or unexpected stories from these records?

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          Check out this one -




          Shoury Abel Cpl. 132nd M.G. Bn. Co. D 36th Division 1918, 236.33.61

          “About 4 a.m. our large guns went into action and we knew that they were giving the preparatory command for us to advance.  At 5 the sergeant in command gave the order to get ready and I thought I would croak. I got myself together however and the advance began.  About half way up the bullets began to sing all around. I began to think the end was near. A hundred yards further and we were in the midst of it. Gosh but it was H--l. A large shell would land near by and down on your knees you would go.  Pray?? I should say say so more that day than the last five years put together.”


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            National Archives Catalog Scout

            Citizen Archivist JKChung transcribed this remarkable story from Alexander, Elvis E. Pvt. 132nd M.G. Bn. Co. C 36th Division 1918


            "I was then sent to Co P.C. to take a message. had to go through a M.G. Barrage but I was ordered to go and I was going my life and others were at stake. in the afternoon three of my comrades and myself started with rations to our Co. the Bosch had their observation Baloon [sic] working and they (the Bosche) put a H.E. barrage down on us it was so bad at times that we couldn't travel had to fall in shell holes for protection. finally got through the H.E. Barrage without injury then two snipers cut down on us. had to go through a small opening where out comrades were lying dead on all sides that got on my nerves considerably but I would think we have the Bosche on the run and maybe we can keep them on the run if we can keep the supplies to the boys."