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    Navy deck logs for a Defense Intelligence Relay Center (DIRC)


      I would like information about obtaining FOIA copies of the Navy deck logs of 1967-1969 for the Defense Intelligence Relay Center (DIRC), located at the (then) named naval facility, Fleet Operational Control Center Pacific (FOCCPAC), Kunia, Hawaii.


      Had to have a confidential clearance to walk the halls at FOCCPAC, so the logs may have been classified for some time, probably declassified though after 50 years.


      Thanks for your help!

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          Dear Mr. Frank Clark,


          Only the Deck Logs of commissioned US Navy ships are retained as permanent records, therefore the National Archives does not hold Deck Logs for the Fleet Operational Control Center Pacific. The National Archives does hold other records that may be related to your request. If you can provide additional information regarding the types of records you are interested in researching and the topic which you are attempting to research we may be able to identify a record series related to your topic. For example in Record Group 19, Entry P 55, Series: Records Relating to Naval Tactical Data and Command Control Systems 1959-1966, we have a file titled 510 Administrative Files Related to FOCCPAC-General Fleet Operational Control Center-Pacific, March 1964-December 1964. This is one example of similar or related documents that are held in the National Archives.


          In regards to requesting records through Special Access/FOIA, only those records that currently have classification or restrictions need to be requested through Special Access/FOIA. Records that are declassified and/or have no restrictions are publicly available. Publicly available records in the National Archives can be reviewed in our research reading rooms by you or your representative, or you may order reproductions of the records once you have identified the documents you are interested in having reproduced. We recommend beginning your research on our Online Catalog at https://catalog.archives.gov/. If you would like to order reproductions of records located on our Online Catalog please email the Record Group, Entry, Container Number, and File Title to archives2reference@nara.gov.


          We hope you find this information useful in conducting your research.




          Archives II Reference Branch (RDT2)

          National Archives at College Park, MD

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