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    Records of WWI emergency passports issued abroad to non-U.S. citizens?


      I am trying to uncover details of the emergency passport that was issued to James Joyce, the Irish writer, by the American Consulate at Trieste in late 1914 or early 1915. The Consul at the time was Ralph C. Busser. Joyce was, of course, an Irish-born British citizen, but when Great Britain declared war on Austria-Hungary in August 1914, the American Consulate at Trieste took charge of British interests in the region. That included supplying passports to non-U.S. citizens as they fled Austria-Hungary.

      Joyce was issued a passport by the American Consulate sometime before the end of June 1915, at which point he used it to travel, with his immediate family, to neutral Switzerland. The American Consulate has long since uprooted from Trieste, however, so I am hoping the History Hub community might be able to help. Where might a record of this unusual passport application have ended up? More generally, where would I find the archives of the American Consulate at Trieste?

      Thanks for any and all assistance!