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    Commodore Perry


      Where can I find a list of sailors that accompanied Commodore Perry in the opening of Japan?

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          Your question has a two-part answer. Sailors who sailed with Commodore Perry would appear on the U.S. Navy deck logs and muster rolls. However deck logs only list officers, while muster rolls list all sailors. (For more information on the difference between deck logs and muster rolls, read this blog post: "Know Your Records: U.S. Navy Deck Logs" [https://text-message.blogs.archives.gov/2013/11/01/know-your-records-u-s-navy-deck-logs/].)The physical logs and muster rolls are not available for researchers because they have been microfilmed. For each vessel connected with the Perry Expedition, the microfilm rolls you need are listed below.


          Steam Frigates

          USS Mississippi - deck logs 1852-1855 - T1088 / muster rolls T829, roll 5

          USS Susquehanna  - deck logs 1853-1855 - T1087 / muster rolls T829, roll 10

          USS Powhatan - deck logs 1853-1854 - T1096 / muster rolls T829, roll 7

          USS Allegheny - muster rolls T829, roll 1 (does not cover 1850-1855)


          Sailing Sloops

          USS Vandalia - deck logs 1853-1855 - T1092 / muster rolls T829, roll 11

          USS Macedonian - deck logs 1853-1855 - T1091 / muster rolls T829, roll 5

          USS Saratoga - deck logs 1852-1853 - T1090 / muster rolls T829, roll 9

          USS Plymouth - deck logs 1852-1855 - T1095 / muster rolls T829, roll 6


          Armed Store Ships (Steam)

          USS Supply - deck logs 1852-1855 - T1094 / muster rolls T829, roll 10

          USS Lexington - deck logs 1853-1855 - T1089 / muster rolls T829, roll 4

          USS Southampton - deck logs 1852-1855 - T1093 / muster rolls T829, roll 9


          You can view these microfilm publications at certain National Archives locations, or order reproductions of microfilm records on DVD or via our electronic delivery system. To learn how to access National Archives microfilm publications, please visit the following pages:


          Search and Browse NARA's Microfilm Catalog - this page will tell you which National Archives facilities have that microfilm, and which roll you may need. It will also help you order a copy if you need one.


          Buying Microfilm - this page explains how to use the microfilm catalog and links to information on ordering digitized microfilm.


          We hope this is helpful for your research. Thank you again for your History Hub query!




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