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    My GGGrandfather died in 1891 and my GGGrandmother died in 1893, they had 4 children born in 1882, 1884, 1886, 1891.  The children were very young when both parents died. I can't find any adoption records of the baby girl who was born in 1891. Where do I


      G Grandfather  John Jacob Gross b:1849 Germany  d:8 Sep 1891.  No information on his death                                                                                        G Grandmother Annie Miner (Meinert) Gross b:1862 Germany  d:23 Mar 1893                                                                                                                                              Herbert Spencer Gross Hart b:4 Oct 1882 (adopted)                                                                                                                                                            Johnie Gross b:18 Jul 1884 went off on his own  My Grandfather                                                                                                                                          Eva Mae Gross Johnson b:15 Jul 1886 (adopted)                                                                                                                                                              Annie Helen Gross b:4 Jan 1891  No information on her