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    Seeking blueprints for the 1918 Standard B (also called Class B) "Liberty" truck for the Seat box and Bed if possible (or anything else related.)


      I have what is left of a 1918 Standard (or Class) B "Liberty" truck (3-5 ton) built for World War One.

      It will require reconstruction of the wooden seat box and the wooden bed before completion. I have articles from magazines of the period (1917) and plenty of photos (thanks to the NARA on-line files) but what would really be helpful (and exist) would be the actual blueprints for the parts as ordered. There are several trucks undergoing restoration around the Globe and I have assembled and shared a vast quantity of material, but never the blueprints, which will go a long way in confirming photographic evidence and assist in the restoration process, hopefully prior to the 100th anniversary on 11 Nov 2018 of the end of WWI.

      Thank You for your time.

      W. Winget

      Carrollton, Virginia