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    I am looking for Adam (or John) Payne, born in 1760, married to Rachel (or Rachael) Dawson.  I am tracing my ancestry and the line appears to end with them.  They possibly died in 1832 in Dearborn County, Indiana, but I can find no solid records of that.


      I am looking for my ancestors and traced one line to Adam Payne and Rachel Dawson.  Adam was born in 1760 and might have been actually named John - but I can find nothing solid on either name.  I cannot find anything solid on Rachel (or Rachael) Dawson either.  They may have died in 1832 in Dearborn County, Indiana - but again, no solid records.


      Can anyone help locate records on those two?


      Children include Adam Payne, a minister beheaded by Indians in the Black Hawk War, and Christopher Columbus Payne, Aaron Payne, and Lucinda Payne.