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    Ask for help

      Dear friends Sir/Mmd


      My name is Roy Lindquist and I`m hoping to find more information on my Great great Grandfather; Ole Svebakken ( Ole Hanson Svebakken ) born 1828 in Ringebu,  Norway and lived too in Oyer, Oppland, Norway.
      Ole Emigrated to US in 1859.

      He took his family with him (from the2.nd marriage) Ragnhild and som their children I believe.
      I hope and cross my fingers that you can be so kind to help me to learn more about there life and whereabouts?

      I cant afford to be a member of Ancestry.com and then I have a limit opportunity  to do any more research by myself. I use though Familysearch.org, but they don't go deep into the records one each persons.

      I`m scared you wont have time for me in helping me to more findings, but you would make me very happy if you did, please.
      With all my heart I thank you on before-hand



      mail; hjemtilroy@gmail.com

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          Amanda Pritchard Adventurer

          Dear Mr. Lindquist,


          Thank you for contacting History Hub!


          The National Archives, as well as other institutions, including local public libraries, provide free access to Ancestry.com record collections.You may also consider searching FamilySearch, which is public free access.


          We suggest that you visit a FamilySearch Family History Center, local library, or heritage society. Not only do they provide access to genealogical records, but they may have genealogists that may be of some help to you. You may visit https://www.familysearch.org/locations/ to find a family search location near you.


          Both FamilySearch and Ancestry have records for the U.S. and Norway that may help you in researching your family.


          Additionally, you are welcome to visit the National Archives in person to conduct research. Or, if you are unable to visit us in person, you may hire a private researcher to conduct research for you. A list of private researchers is available at https://www.archives.gov/research/hire-help.


          Best of luck in your research!

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