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    Copies of deck logs for DD-830, 1972 March and April. I left the ship in a Huey and went in-country to fire base King


      Anyone know what steps to take to order copies of deck logs for a ship DD-830? I wanted to be a John Wayne, so I volunteered to go in-country for a while to fire base King, I wanted to see the war from another perspective, My ship started looking really good the first night when I slept in a Hooch on an airbag. (It reminded me of a half drain pipe with a curtain on the end.)


      My admiration for the personnel that stayed in-country increased exponentially. They not only fought the VC's, they fought the heat, very high humidity, scorpions, snakes, and ants big enough to carry off your shoes/boots, and the elephant grass, sharp as razors.


      God Bless them All  


      Dr. Joe

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          Mr. Joseph Wozniak,


          This is in response to your inquiry to the National Archives regarding your request for how to order reproductions of Deck Logs for the USS Everett F. Larson (DD-830) for the dates of March through April 1972.


          We will be pleased to provide you with copies of the requested documents. To submit a reproduction order email archives2reference@nara.gov and provide the following information:


          -The name of the ship

          -Dates of interest for reproduction

          -Your first and last name

          -Your mailing/billing/shipping address

          -Your email address


          Once you have provided the above information we will provide you with a reproduction quote for the requested records. In our response we will attach a National Archives Trust Fund (NAFT) Form 72. The NAFT Form-72 will provide the details of your reproduction quote and will serve as the order form should you choose to complete the order. If you choose to complete the order, fill out the NAFT Form-72 and follow the directions regarding where to mail or fax the completed form. Please note that the number under quantity indicates the number of pages of the file or files being reproduced. Also be aware if you choose CD/DVD or Electronic Transfer the quality of the scanned images will be less than 300 dpi. If you wish to pay by using a credit card or debit card your account will be verified before copies are shipped. Our current fee for paper copies, CD/DVD copies, or electronic transfer copies is $0.80 per page with a minimum mail order fee of $20.00. Please allow 30-60 days for delivery. Do not send a check, a money order, or credit/debit card account detials until after you receive a reproduction quote.


          Please note that page counts are estimated and the actual number of pages may vary significantly. This may affect the final order cost by increasing or decreasing the final amount charged. The price quoted on the service order is only an estimate; the actual cost will be determined at the time of copying. If your payment does not sufficiently cover the cost of copying we will request additional funds before releasing the reproductions. If your payment exceeds the amount required, we will refund the balance.


          We hope you find this information useful in conducting your research.





          RDT2 Reference

          Archives II Reference Branch (RDT2)

          National Archives at College Park, MD

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