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    Naturalization records


      My maternal grandparents immigrated from Czechoslovakia in 1923. I have the passenger list from their arrival voyage along with census data and their Naturalization Certificates.


      I have a couple questions:


      1 - Where is the best place to find their Naturalization petitions since those tend to have some additional information? Their records have been indexed and I have that information. I live in a different region of the country (WI) from where they lived when they filed (NY). Are my options to go to the archives in DC or the one in NY to search microfilms? Or is the only option to pay $65 to the USCIS to get it?


      2 - The index contains their name, petition number, date and a number like 123-456. Can I use that info to find the petition?


      3 - My grandfather actually immigrated with his parents and younger brother in 1906 was he was 8 years old but at sometime he went back to Europe. His father was a coal miner in PA until his death in 1949. I don't know if the entire family went back or just he along with his mother and brother. Are there any records that so when people left the US like there are when they arrive. I know he was conscripted in the German army in WW 1 and eventually deserted so he was back there during that time but I don't know when he went back.