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    Army Insignia & Medals, WW2


      Meet my Grand-Uncle Joe.  I am interested in finding out some info on the insignia he's wearing.


      1.     Someone wrote the date "1962" on the photo's back.  I am assuming that's when it was taken.  To me, he looks too old in the picture for it to have been taken during his WW2 service.  Also, he's wearing 2 American Legion collar pins - these would not have been worn DURING the war, correct?

      2.     There is a medal affixed to his cap - can anybody identify it?  I assume it matches the first ribbon on this chest.  The second ribbon has 2 small stars which the medal doesn't.  And why would THAT medal be displayed on the cap?

      3.     Can anyone identify the 2nd ribbon with the two small stars on it?

      4.     There is a christian cross on his cap - does this mean he served as a chaplain?

      5.     The numbers "406" on his cap and lapels - is this a division, a regiment, a brigade, or what?  Obviously from Wisconsin.

      6.     Finally, on the collar points of his white Portrait of Uncle Joe 1962shirt, there looks like there's a pin affixed there - it's a bit more visible on the right collar (his right).  Any hints what this might be?


      I know it's difficult to identify the decorations when they're in B&W - I know how significant the colors and their groupings are in identifying a medal/ribbon.  Still, if anyone can give me ANY help at all, you good people can!


      Thanks, everybody