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    Can anyone help identify this WWII military uniform? Dated 1945


      I found the attached photo dated 1945.  It appears to be of a family member (uncle) that I never knew of.  My mother was from Poland and she and her family were taken captive by the Russians and sent to a Siberian Gulag, later to be freed with Ander's Army (still trying to find out details on that).


      That being said, if this truly is my mother's brother (as the writing on the back of the photo indicates), he would be Polish.  The picture (or at least the writing on it) is dated December 2, 1945 and also states "Italia".   If I could figure out where this uniform is from, it would be easier to further my search as to this relative and my past.


      Thank you for any information you can provide.WWII Unidentified Uniform.  Dated 1945.Writing on back of photo - Unidentified WWII military uniform. 1945.