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    Does NARA have the autopsy report for President Kennedy?

    Rebecca Collier Ranger

      How do I get access to the autopsy report for President Kennedy?

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          A digital copy of President Kennedy’s autopsy is available online in Appendix IX (Warren Commission Exhibits 387 & 391). Both exhibits also appear Volume XVI of the Warren Commission Report itself.


          The autopsy photographs and X-rays of President Kennedy were donated to the National Archives by the Kennedy family by an agreement dated October 29, 1966. This agreement limits access to such materials to: (1) persons authorized to act for a Committee of Congress, a Presidential Commission, or any other official agency of the Federal government having authority to investigate matters relating to the assassination of President Kennedy and to (2) recognized experts in the field of pathology or related areas of science and technology whose applications are approved by the Kennedy family representatives, Nicole Seligman and Kevin Baine.

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