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    WWII Records


      Hello folks,


      I'm a German history student currently working on a project to gain my Master degree.

      The concept contains a website with an interactive map (provided by Leaflet) showing the events in my small hometown (which is called Altenbüren) on eastern 1945.  Via popups one is redirected to the sources, which are mainly governmental documents and interviews with contemporary witnesses.

      The reason is: This village was tried to be defended by the German military and the so called Volkssturm. At least 31 German soldiers died and the majority of the houses were damaged. 


      But actually I'd like to get some information from the US military, like daily reports of casualties or even pictures. Whatever is possible.

      Therefore I'm now asking You if there is an agency or bureau which may provides this kind of data.

      I haven't searched a lot, I've to admit, because I thought that this would be the easiest way instead of contacting every possible entity.


      If anyone shares his or her experience or knowledge I'd be very grateful. 





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          Rebecca Collier Ranger

          Dear Mr. Koerling,


          Thank you for contacting the History Hub!


          The information you seek may be part of the records of a U.S. Army unit. The Textual Reference Archives II Branch (RDT2) of the National Archives at College Park has custody of the Records of the Adjutant General's Office, 1917- (Record Group 407) and the Records of U.S. Army Operational, Tactical, and Support Organizations (World War II and Thereafter) (Record Group 338).  U.S Army unit files among these records consist mostly of historical reports, after action reports, unit journals, and general orders.  Because the files are arranged hierarchically, identification of the specific unit (i.e., division, regiment, and battalion) and date of interest are necessary before a search can be conducted. We do not have a place name index to these records. Please contact RDT2 once you have identified the specific Army unit and dates via email at archives2reference@nara.gov.


          We hope this information is helpful. Best of luck with your research!

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