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    How do I obtain copies of the Deck Logs for the USS Hissem DER 400 from July 1968 to Feb. 1970?



      Statement describing Medical Mercy Mission in Viet Nam.

      While on patrol off the coast of Viet Nam on either the USS Joseph Strauss DDG 16 or the USS Hissem DER 400 there was a call for volunteers to go ashore on a Medical Mercy Mission. I went. We used one of the ships boats to go up a river a short ways to a dock attached to a Fire Base. We were met by two young Army Officers, there were ARVN troops there also. We then took a looping road to a nearby school house, you could see the Fire Base from the school. We were told that the stretch of open ground between the school and the Fire Base had so many mines that no one could cross it, stay on the road. There was no foliage around the Fire Base and across the river everything was dead. Just palm tree stumps like crooked telephone poles. The Doc’s set up shop on the porch of the school and the people started coming. Some of the wounds were bad. The school was masonry of some kind and there were bullet holes all over the wall on the inside where you would think the chalkboard would be. I was told that the V.C. killed the teacher or teachers. There were foxholes in the school yard. There was a well by the road in front of the school. People would come from a village around the next bend in the road to get water and take, what I would call, a sponge bath without taking off their clothes. We were told that the village was Viet Cong controlled and we were only tolerated because we were treating their families. There was a steep, very high, bolder hill behind the school and a man appeared on top and fired his rifle several times into the air and then disappeared. No idea what that was about. We returned to the ship. Sometime later I was told that the Fire Base had been overrun and everyone killed.  

      Robert Carl Swanson, 9448