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    Searching for Lazarus Goldheim 1810, Endingen, Switzerland.


      Searching for information on Lazarus Goldheim, born 1810 in Endingen, Switzerland who was a Confederate Sutler during the Civil War with the 1st. Virginia Cavalry under the command of Jeb Stuart. Susan Davis

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          Ms. Davis,

          Thank you for your inquiry to History Hub!  While many of the online genealogical resources related to Mr. Goldheim compiled by others interested in his story are publicly available, there are a number of other research avenues you can consider in your search for Mr. Goldheim.

          Family Search, for example, features many of the primary genealogical sources (census records, birth records, death records, etc.) upon which other relatives tend to build out their pages after researching them.  You may want to check the list of results in the link above to see if any additional resources can give you answers about his settlement in the United States, family, and businesses.  Be aware in advance that many of Family Search’s resources may require paid membership to access.

          Two non-profit institutions are also in possession of artifacts from Mr. Goldheim’s activities as a sutler (basically a licensed goods purveyor to soldiers in a military regiment or army) to Stuart’s First Virginia Cavalry.  The Shapell Manuscript Foundation features an online exhibit and a physical collection of one of Mr. Goldheim’s sutler tokens in the link.  Also, the Jewish Museum of Maryland in Baltimore has additional artifacts from Mr. Goldheim’s activities as a sutler in their collections, which are currently being featured in one of their public exhibits.  The Shapell Foundation features a contact page on its main home link if you wish to get in touch with them about Mr. Goldheim’s sutler token, whereas you may want to inquire with the Director of Collections and Exhibits about his artifacts archived at the Jewish Museum, whose contact information is located here.  A claim on Mr. Goldheim’s estate following his death in Baltimore is also on file with the State of Maryland (see Lobe v. Goldheim).

          In terms of archival records either at NARA or the Virginia state-level records, you will likely have to sift through significant quantities of written material to locate anything specifically referencing Mr. Goldheim, assuming records regarding him are contained in either repository.  NARA does house records of the War Department (Record Group 107) related to sutlers licensed at Union prisons where Confederates were detained, but a cursory search of our catalog located nothing pertaining to Confederate camps along the lines of battle specifically (see catalog links to the Union prison records here and here).  In addition, the Library of Virginia houses many additional records relating to Confederate soldiers and camp life, including the activities of sutlers.  A search of their catalog in the link above may produce additional research avenues relating to Mr. Goldheim.

          Overall, there is significant information for you to go on, especially at the Jewish Museum, as they appear to have come into possession of a number of pieces from Mr. Goldheim’s estate.  Best of luck on your continued research and thanks again for your question to History Hub!

          Thanks to Lauren Van Zandt and Glenn Longacre for their assistance in editing this response.

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