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    Looking for information on the "new york paint and leather company" located in Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ at turn of the century in 1900


      I am a local historian and for several years I have been doing an historic research project on the area in Ho-Ho-Kus, County of Bergen, NJ which is now a Municipal Parking lot just southeast of the Ho-Ho-Kus train station on First Street.

      The property, known as “the Mill Property” for many years, is now a paved parking lot as I said.  Prior to all this “improvement” being done in the mid-1960s, the property had a very large 13,500 sq. ft. factory there which went through many transitions from saw mill, cotton mill, photographic manufacturing (Pegamoid a/k/a Polaroid), and the NY Paint and Leather business among those that I know. 


      Anything that might be able to provide me about the area, the train station, the Warren Avenue bridge that was installed in 1906-08 and specifically, the Mill property on which the NY Paint and Leather had a business ca. 1905, the cemetery located at the southwestern edge of the Mill Property, the dam in the Ho-Ho-Kus Brook, etc. would be greatly appreciated.  These items might also include communications with the Borough, County, or State (especially with the Borough), photographs, contracts, property deeds, building drawings, plot plans, surveys, engineering drawings, communications with neighbors, etc.  Basically, whatever might be archived or thought to be appropriate for this historic project would be most helpful.