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    how, where do i research indian land


      I am trying to research owner ship of indian land that i hold an interest in and have been to the blm website i need help where to start and how to tract a given parcel of land from begging to present thank you

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          Hi Karen,


          Thanks for posting your question to the History Hub!


          Generally, the most effective way to trace ownership is start at the present and then work your way backwards into the past.  Some useful questions to ask while doing research are:


          Who currently owns the land? How long have they owned it?

          Is the land held privately, or is it controlled by a tribe or a federal entity?

          Was this land given as an allotment?


          Knowing who owned and used the land will help you determine where relevant records will be located.


          It’s difficult to point to specific resources without more information, but here’s a list of sources that may be helpful:


          Bureau of Indian Affairs Allotment Records- These records document the allocation of land to Native American tribes and individuals.


          Bureau of Indian Affairs Applications and Case Files- These records include applications for a number of BIA-controlled assets and activities, including land use permits and tribal membership.


          Dawes Enrollment Jackets- These records document land allotments given to qualifying members of the Five Civilized tribes in Indian Territory.


          The Oklahoma Historical Society has a useful history of land allotment in Oklahoma on their website here.


          Depending upon the answer to some of the questions above, National Archives branches around the country may also hold records from the Bureau of Indian Affairs relating to Indian land allotments. You can find a list of National Archives branches here  https://www.archives.gov/locations#.


          The Bureau of Indian Affairs website also offers information on Indian lands which you may find useful: https://www.bia.gov/bia/ots/dltr.


          You may find the National Archives’ resource page for Native American genealogical research helpful as well.


          Good luck with your search!

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