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    Curious about the purpose of a Special Muster Roll (Civil War)

    Cinda Baxter Adventurer

      In working my way through the Record of Events for the 88th IL Infantry (three card sets: Regiment Field and Staff, Co. E, and Co. I), I see a Special Muster Roll on 10 Apr 1863, but haven’t been successful in determining why that payroll was “special.” Coming off the heels of miserable months in Murfreesboro, the following possibilities come to mind:


      1. Additional pay, due to the hardships in Murfreesboro (unlikely)

      2. An extremely late payout of wages owned earlier in the year

      3. A combination of several late payouts from earlier in the year


      Of course, all of the above could be wrong.


      Thoughts...? Suggestions?

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          Rachael Salyer Scout

          Dear Ms. Baxter,


          Thank you for sharing your question with the History Hub.


          My understanding is that a “special muster” is one that falls outside of the regular cycle and that it could stem from any number of occurrences like a battle, a troop relocation, an order from a commanding officer, etc. Regarding the specific special muster you referred to, you might find this discussion helpful. It seems that many units experienced special musters on April 10, 1863.


          For further information, we recommend that you contact the Textual Reference Branch at the National Archives in Washington, DC (Archives I). Their email address is archives1reference@nara.gov.


          Thank you, again, for posting your question, and good luck with your ongoing search!

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            Jonathan Deiss Adventurer

            The Special Musters of  April 1863 were reported to be held for the purpose of ascertaining the "...exact force as present in the field."  This was done so that recruiting and replacements could be accurately applied, and a draft prepared.Daily_National_Intelligencer_1863-04-08.jpg

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