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    where can i find a roster of the men who were at plainview ak civilian conservation corp


      I am trying to find out when my Uncle Bennie H Aasen was at Plainview and when and where else he may have served while in the CCC

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          Frances Olson:


          Your uncle’s CCC personnel file should include his dates of service as well as when and where he was stationed during his time with the CCC. You can get a copy of his CCC personnel file from the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis. Please see the following webpage for more information about requesting CCC personnel files and how to get a copy. https://www.archives.gov/st-louis/archival-programs/civilian-personnel-archival/ccc-holdings-access.html


          Unfortunately, we don’t have actual rosters for the camps. CCC enrollments were 6 months in length and departure from the CCC was fairly easy. It wasn't uncommon for enrollees to shuttle in and out of a camp on a regular basis. If fully accurate rosters had been kept for every camp, we would have great many more pages of material. Occasionally, we can find a single roster in among the camp records that provides a snapshot of who was assigned to a particular camp on one day.


          Once you have the information from his personnel file, you may wish to contact us again to see what additional records there may be about the projects or the camp(s) in which he was stationed. You can email us at archives2reference@nara.gov. Please include the camp and company numbers and his dates of service with your request. 

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            Cara Moore Lebonick Adventurer

            Dear Frances,


            Mr. Morris is correct about the rosters not being held by the National Archives. The rosters were (for the most part) destroyed as a part of a schedule to destroy. However, we have had several researchers report to us that they find them here and there in project files or at CCC museums. We refer people to College Park for more information, as Mr. Morris indicated, once they get the camp information from the individual enrollee files from us in St. Louis. You may request this information by completing this form and emailing it to stl.archives@nara.gov


            Some regional NARA facilities have information regarding the CCC camps from their areas, also. There's just no record group or uniformity to where CCC rosters are found. There is sometimes a mention of members of the camp in individual enrollee folders or in the agency record of camp Supervisors/Educators/Leaders etc. but you'd have to start having that information. It's a little more difficult of an approach.


            Additionally, you may wish to consult the CCC Legacy group for information. They have a list of CCC Museums which have been found to have occasional rosters (CCC Museums ):
            CCC  Legacy

            P.O. Box 341

            Edinburg, VA  22824

            540-984-8735; Email:  ccc@ccclegacy.org; Website:  http://www.ccclegacy.org/




            Cara Moore Lebonick

            National Archives at St. Louis

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