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    I am looking for records of the Decorations Committee (Committee on Awards and Decorations?) of the War Department during 1937-1941, but especially during the time frame 1 Jan 1940 and 1 June 1941.  Suggestions on where to look?

    James Burnett Wayfarer

      Tracking down last status of a Medal of Honor hearing by the Decorations Committee on or about 4 May 1940 but within a broader time frame.  This recommendation for an MOH was for World War I action and was denied at the time based on existing law.  Of vital importance is the testimony and evidence package (witness affidavits, etc) that were included in this specific consideration and subsequent recommendation. 


      I have a copy of the letter from then War Department Secretary Harry W. Woodring to then Texas Congressman Albert Thomas denying the request (Thank you Archives staff for finding it) that references the Decorations Committee hearing and considering evidence regarding George L. Keene.  Now that I have War Department confirmation of the Board's actions, I am in search of the evidence presented and any hearing notes that may remain but am unable to locate where the Decorations Committee records might be held.