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    Where can I obtain information about a film at NARA?

    Bill Streifer Adventurer

      The following film, "Analysis of the North Korean Evidence," concerning the Pueblo Incident, was apparently obtained from NARA. And while it is now available for viewing on archives.org, YouTube, and even sold by private vendors, I can't find any official information concerning:


      1) When it was made?

      2) Why was it made?

      3) Who authorized it be made?

      4) Where and when was it shown?

      5) Was the Navy involved? Was the State Department involved?

      6) Was it ever classified? If so, when was it declassified?

      7) When was it sent to NARA?

      etc. etc. etc.


      I also found this:


      "A motion picture film exhibit from the Korean Military Armistice Commission Meetings (KMAC) Held to Resolve the USS Pueblo Crisis, 1968. Presents an analysis of the North Korean evidence. From the Department of State's Collection on the 'Pueblo Incident.'"


      THE PUEBLO INCIDENT : National Archives and Records Administration : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

      National Archives and Records Administration


      Department of State. Office of the Assistant Secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs. Country Director--Korea. (ca. 1968 - ca. 1968)

      ARC Identifier 12053 / Local Identifier 59-PUEBLO-l. Analysis of the North Korean Evidence.


      Where can I obtain this depth of information?

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          Research Services at the National Archives Tracker

          Dear Mr. Streifer,


          Thank you for posting your inquiry to the History Hub!


          The films you mention appear to have their origins (from reviewing the available end credits and Online Catalog entries), in both the Department of the Navy and the Department of State. The level of detail you’re seeking can only be answered by making a research visit to the National Archives at College Park and reviewing any available records from those two agencies. We should note (as you’re likely aware through your past research), many of the records are most likely restricted for security concerns. Additionally, since the films are among the holdings of the Motion Picture Branch you may wish to begin your research by contacting their office at mopix@nara.gov.


          If you’re unable to visit the National Archives at College Park, our web page offers a list of independent researchers for hire. This list can be found at https://www.archives.gov/research/hire-help/media.html?format=audio-and-sound.


          Good luck with your research!

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