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    STS Space Shuttle Mission Charts?




      I'm looking for STS Space Shuttle mission charts from NASA and the Defense Mapping Agency, like the one pictured here:


      Nice quality digital copies would be great, or even a full snapshot (unlike the picture above) would be appreciated.  From STS-1 and on, I'd  appreciate any and all missions for a museum exhibit.



      Jeff Nee

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          Dear Mr. Nee,


          Thank you for contacting the History Hub!


          A quick search of the National Archives Catalog shows several results that might be relevant to your research. For example, from Record Group (RG) 255 - Records of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the series Flight and Mission Index Charts “consists of index charts depicting NASA flight and missions” and from RG 456 - Records of the Defense Mapping Agency, the series Space Shuttle Charts “consists of published charts relating to the Space Shuttle program.”  Please contact the Cartographic and Architectural Records Branch at the National Archives in College Park, MD with questions about these records or about ordering reproductions. Their email address is carto@nara.gov.


          The National Archives at Fort Worth, TX (ftworth.archives@nara.gov) and the National Archives at Atlanta, GA (atlanta.archives@nara.gov) also have records related to space shuttle missions.


          Finally, the NASA History Office may also be able to offer you some assistance.


          Thank you, again, for sharing your question with the History Hub, and good luck with your ongoing research.

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              Desiree Wallen Wayfarer

              The National Archives at Atlanta actually has a series of Project Files of STS Missions from the Launch Integration Office at the Kennedy Space Center, as well as other records such as the notebooks of STS Flights from the Public Affairs Office, which includes photographic material. It may not be mission charts, but there may be records of use for a museum exhibit, so definitely email atlanta.archives@nara.gov if interested.

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