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    Is obama,library really first not yo have papers?


      Is obama library really first not to include papers?

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          Hey Ruth!  I apologize that I’m just now getting around to answering your question. I was working on a big project and not paying attention. I really am sorry for leaving this so long.


          Yes, President Obama will be the first president since the 1940s to not have a presidential library. Instead his foundation will run a presidential center that doesn’t have the records of the President’s administration on site. It’s a pretty big change for the National Archive’s Presidential Library system. The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is required by the Presidential Records Act to maintain physical custody of the records of the administration. So we’ll have the papers, gifts, photographs, electronic records and servers but these records won’t be stored at the Obama Presidential Center. They’ll be kept in a NARA facility.


          At the Obama Presidential Center they plan to have digital access to the records. As you might imagine a large number of the records of the Obama administration were created digitally and have never been printed to paper. NARA received from the administration approximately 250 Terabytes of electronic records and 300 million emails. NARA is early in the process of digitizing the paper records. Here is our official press release about this significant change: National Archives Announces a New Model for the Preservation and Accessibility of Presidential Records | Barack Obama Pr… 


          Keep an eye on NARA's website for news and for Obama records released by the National Archives: News | Barack Obama Presidential Library

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