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    What information do you have on UK forces using Raydon in England ? This airbase was used for US fighter aircraft but my Dad-a British soldier- flew in a glider from there in WW2


      I am trying to discover my Dad's military record. Although enlisted into the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers he seems to have been involved in some activities not on his military record. Amongst these was flying in a glider to northern France from Raydon aerodrome in England. Raydon was used by US fighter aircraft but in the build up to the invasion it seems as though Raydon was also used by UK forces.

      It has proved very difficult to find anything in UK records to support this as I presume it was an ad hoc arrangement at the time. I think he may have been in the 1st Airborne Division at the time but have been unable to substantiate this.Any help would be much appreciated.