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    How to obtain a copy of a military pension file?


      A family history book mentions a couple of pension files, gives the numbers for them, and the dates of service, but I am having trouble figuring out how to order a copy of the files.


      The information mentioned in the book is:

      He enlisted at 20 years old at Decatur 1 Jun 1836, was mustered at Columbus 120 miles from home. (Details of military service). He was discharged at Columbia on 31 Aug. He served in the Mexican war, circa 1846, and in the Home Guards during the Civil War in TX.


      The footnotes indicate that the relevant pension file numbers are #3716 and #5141. There is no indication which file number is for which term of military service or where the records could be found.


      While he lived in Georgia during the 1836 and 1846 terms of military service, he moved to Texas in the late 1850s and lived there when he filed for the pensions.


      Any help that would point me in the right direction to obtain copies of these records would be appreciated.