How do I search the 1930 Census by the Enumeration District Number

I have the ED number of the 1930 Census of Cuyahoga County, Cleveland, Ohio, USA of the location that I need to search.  How can I bring up the number to view the information on that area?  Thank You for any help in this matter.  18-345 and 18-344

  • Hi Ray,

    You have done much of the heavy lifting.  You have choices for seeing the schedule sheets for those two 1930 EDs.  This is what I would do, with utilities I'm associated with.

    1. Go to

    2. At the top, change the year from 1950 to 1930  (pull down the carrot)

    3. Select State: Ohio

    4. On the City or Town select Cleveland

    5. You will see a list of EDs for 1930 Cleveland.  Each of those numbers are LINKS to the actual ED sheets.

    6. If you click on one of your ED #s, it will take you to another page  for "Viewing Census Images ....." where you can then select which choice you want to see.  You may have to scroll through some images to get to the first image of note. 

    7. The ED Number is shown at the top right of the sheets.

    If you don't find the address you are looking for, not just missing from the sequence but numbers not where you expect, you can use the Unified Tool to go from the streets on the block of your target residence to the 1930 ED # for that address.

  • Hi Joel,

    Thank you for that information Joel, but the links do not take me directly to the ED locations.  Steve Morse's site is how I found the ED's to view.     For the 1930 census it takes me to the general page of either ancestry, archives or familysearch, depending on which one you choose.  That does work for the 1950 census though as I have found some relatives that way.  Am I doing something wrong with the 1930 information?  Thanks Joel. 

  • Hmmmmm... in real time.... I've gone through steps 1 through 6 above.

    I'm at Viewing Census Images for the 1930 Census in One Step....

    8. I go to section 2.  View Census Images.

    I note that in section 1a above that the ED # has been transferred over to this utility.

    9. In section 2 line 1 where it says Viewing Pages in Selected ED.... I click on Free Display (all years)  I don't touch anything else.

    10.  Voila... I'm at the first of 36 images for ED 18-345  1930  sheet 1A.

    Now..... I'm at FamilySearch.  I didn't state this,  but you must be registered at FamilySearch.  It's a free site.

    Register..... then try it again.


  • Joel,

    I didn't click on Free Display.  I clicked on the sites below...,, or and it took to their home site.  I clicked on Free Display (all years) and it worked!  Thank you.  I already registered on Family Search so it took me right there.  Thank you so much.  Appreciate it.