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    I am looking for my grandfather's mother's record. Her Navajo name is Nip pah.


      The only information we have are her census number and allotment acquired in 1890's. she may have past away in 1914.

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          Hi Reen,


          Apologies for the delayed response to your question! 


          Is there any particular piece of information about your ancestor that you are looking for?  If you haven’t consulted it already, the National Archives has a guide to researching Native American individuals on their website- Researching an Individual or Family.  Since you have your ancestor’s Indian Census Number, you should be able locate more information about her using the Bureau of Indian Affairs’ Indian Census Rolls.  These records have been digitized and are available through Ancestry.com and Fold3.com.  These are paid genealogical websites, but they can be accessed for free at any National Archives research facility.  (You may also be able to access these sites for free through a local library.) 


          There also may be information about her in the Federal Population Census.  The 1900 and 1910 censuses included separate Indian Schedules with additional questions.  This National Archives page has more information- Census Records


          You may also have luck consulting the records of the Navajo Nation.  Their contact information is listed here.  Vital records (ex- birth and death) may be in the custody of the tribe, or in the county in which your ancestor lived.


          Best of luck with your research!

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