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    Different serial numbers for the same person?


      Why would I get two records with different serial numbers for the same person?

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          Soldiers who have two Army serial numbers are often soldiers who had served as both enlisted man and officer.  At least in the WW2-era, enlisted men had a distinct series of serial numbers; officers had a different series of numbers.  Officer's numbers often started with and 'O' (not a zero), followed by a sequence of numbers. 


          For instance, my grandfather was drafted in November 1941, as a enlisted man, and was assigned Army serial number 37129311.  He was later commissioned and promoted to officer status and assigned a new Army serial number beginning with an 'O' : O-1306027.


          It is also theoretically possible that the soldier served in two different branches of service, such as the Marines and the Army, or the Army and the Navy. 

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            Cara Moore Lebonick Adventurer


            Dear Mr. Schweitzer,


            Thank you for reaching out on History Hub. There are several reasons that one person could have been assigned multiple service/serial numbers. As Mr. Deiss indicated, the most common is that they went from enlisted service to officer service. Officers were assigned separate service numbers, often they are a lower number. Other reasons can include reenlistment under a different name or name change (this happens more commonly with women than men) or enlistment in a different branch of service.


            We hope this helps to answer your question. If you believe that you may have received incorrect information from a record center, please reach out to their customer service. The National Personnel Record Center in St. Louis for military personnel records’ customer service line is 314-801-0800. Thank you!





            Cara Moore

            National Archives in St. Louis

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