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    My Native American 3xGGG Grandmother



      I am looking for the name of my Native American 3x Great Grandmother who married George Samuel Godfrey.  Her name looks like Auta or Anita on their son Francis Thomas Godfrey's marriage certificate issued in Portland, Victoria, Australia.  Francis Thomas Godfrey was born approx 1820-1830 in NY.  He came to Australia via a whaling ship and deserted here.  Francis Thomas Godfrey married Emma Savin of Oxfordshire, UK. I have been told Francis' mother was a Native American Mohawk.  Any information will be appreciated.



      Thank you

      Therese Allen


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          Hi Therese,


          Thanks for submitting your question on the History Hub!  A good place to start may be the 1820, 1830, and 1840 US Censuses.  These census records are available online through paid genealogical websites. You can access Ancestry, Fold3, and Family Search for free in National Archives research rooms, and some public libraries provide access to paid genealogy sites as well. 


          There are two results for a “George Godfrey” living in New York state in the 1830 census. However, the US Census from that time will only include the name of the head of household.  Also, Native Americans were not identified as such in the census until 1860, so unfortunately the census won’t be able to tell you if your ancestor was Native American.


          If you can narrow down the area where George and Auta/Anita were married, you may be able to find more detailed information in municipal or church records.  Most of the National Archives’ records of genealogical value that specifically relate to Native Americans date to the later part of the 19th century, so you may have more luck with state and local records.


          The Bureau of Indian Affairs has a guide to Native American genealogical research that you may find helpful as well - A Guide to Tracing American Indian & Alaska Native Ancestry.  The National Archives’ resources for Native American records are located on archives.gov.


          Good luck with your research!

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            I may have your answer!

            My grandma was Phyllis Godfrey, daughter of George A Godfrey and he was married to Una Virgina Weaver-Godfrey.

            but Grandpa Godfrey was the Native American (his Great Great Grandpa was Cherokee Indian Chief Jocco Godfrey.

            if you want the whole lineage list let me know

            thanks, Dianne

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                Hi Dianne, I too am looking for information on the same I am distantly related to Therese Allen she comes from one of the children of Francis Thomas Godfrey and Emma Savin and I come from another child in the same family. We all have been pulling together to find information. Could I please have a copy of the lineage as well

                Thank you for responding to our query. Much appreciated. I am in South Australia and Therese Allen I think is in Queensland. I could be wrong. I know another sibling is in Queensland.


                so many thanks

                Christine Godfrey