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    I'm looking for citizenship records


      Where can I find citizenship or naturalization records?

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          Research Services at the National Archives Tracker

          You need to know as much as possible about where an individual was living when he or she may have naturalized.  You could then contact the National Archives office that covers that region. See our website for information on our facilities across the country.


          If you are unable to visit the local facility, after you narrow down the area an individual was living when he or she filed for naturalization, we can search our indexes on your behalf. Contact us by mail or email (found on the regional NARA facility webpages) and provide as much of the following information as you can:

          • Person's name (with alternate spellings)
          • Date and place of birth
          • Name of spouse & children (if any)
          • Approximate year of arrival
          • Place of residence when naturalized (city, county, etc.)
          • Approximate date of naturalization
          • If a minor child, the parents' names.

          The search is free, and we respond to all requests within 10 business days. If we identify records that you want, reproduction fees will apply.You can do some searching on your own by accessing free online indexes to some of our records, and indexes for records held by other area repositories, at the following websites:

          These websites include information on ordering copies from us and from other repositories. They also contain databases for other types of genealogical records.You can access further indexes at the following fee-for-service websites:

          You can visit their sites or contact them to determine costs. They are available for free public use at all National Archives research facilities and many public libraries.

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            Cinda Baxter CG Adventurer

            The timeframe may be a helpful clue too. My ancestor's naturalization documents were combined with his homestead paperwork, as was sometimes the case in the Great Plains ( and, possibly, other regions).


            Just a thought, in case your scenario is similar.  Good luck!

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