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    Trouble locating specific record of events microfilm (Civil War)

    Cinda Baxter, CG Adventurer

      The unit I'm working on (soldier name: William B. Hale):

      • 16th Missouri Infantry, Co. E
        • Jonathan Deiss, you may remember this guy--he's the soldier that required three pull slip attempts when searching for his CMSR during Gen-Fed, due to the number of Captains who led his unit.


      This pamphlet is found on the NARA website, including each iteration of the unit names on his CMSR:


      But when I search the Microfilm Catalog, there is no M861...?


      His records may be scattered across three rolls (34, 35, and 36), based on the CMSR notes. Any idea why M861 is missing from the catalog (and is there any hope of viewing them in NARA's Chicago archives at some point)?


      Fingers crossed.