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    Understanding details at bottom of Civil War carded medical records

    Cinda Baxter CG Adventurer

      I curious about what text at the bottom of carded medical records from the Civil War refer/point to...and (of course) am hoping there's more yet to be found.


      In one example, this appears at the bottom:

      Ill. Reg’l Reg. No. 763; Hos. No. 16; Page 68


      Ill. = Illinois (this individual served in the 88th IL, Co. E)

      Hos. No. ... I'm assuming this identifies what hospital he was at...?


      Since page numbers are included on each of the cards, are there additional records that can be found corresponding to each hospitalization?


      (As a side note, I found it interesting that the page number is identical on each, but the "Hos. No." wasn't.)


      Anxious to learn more....thanks!

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          The notations at the bottom of the card correspond to the Hospital record from which the data on the card was abstracted.


          For instance, "Ill. Reg'l Reg. No. 763; Hos. No. 16; Page 68" means that the data was abstracted from the "Illinois Regimental Register (of the hospital run by the 88th Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry, for its own men) Volume Number 763 (the number of the bound volume in which the hospital data was originally recorded).



          I believe the notation "Hos. No. 16; Page 68" indicates that his entry was on line number 16 on page 68 of Regimental Hospital Volume 763; and (from the other card) as on line number 28 on page 68.


          ALSO - It is possible that there may be additional data in the Hospital Register that was not abstracted on the card.  One thing you would see for sure would be the names of all the other men that were hospitalized at the same time.  Interesting comparisons and trends can be identified by looking at the hospital record.  You can find those at A1 in the following series in Record Group 94 (AGO) -


          FINDING AID : PI-17 ENTRY #: 544-A  ARC ID#: 655731

          TITLE : Record and Pension Office; Records of and Pertaining to Medical Installations 1821-1912; Field Records Of Hospitals, 1821-1912


          See catalog entry here : https://catalog.archives.gov/id/655731

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