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    How to get a copy of the military records of service during Revolutionary War


      Joshua Tanner is someone I descend from. In my genealogical research, I traced to him and his spouse, Thankful Tefft. According to ancestry.com, there is evidence that he served as a Sergeant during the Revolutionary War. How do I verify this information with proof from the archives? Any help or guidance is appreciated.

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          Dear Ms. Byers,


          Thank you for posting your inquiry to the History Hub.


          The Textual Reference Branch at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. (Archives I) has custody of military service records, pension files, and other Revolutionary War-era military records which may contain the information you seek. Many of these records have been digitized and are available on Ancestry.com or Fold3.com. You can contact the Textual Reference Branch directly at archives1reference@nara.gov with questions about these records.


          Additionally, this History Hub blog post details the process of Requesting Old Military Service Records in Person.


          Finally, you may also wish to review the National Archives’ Military Resources: American RevolutionResearch in Military Records, and Resources for Genealogists pages as you continue your research.


          Best of luck, and thank you again for sharing your question with the History Hub.

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            Jonathan Deiss Scout

            If the National Archives has a Compiled Military Service Record (CMSR) pertaining to Joshua Tanner, it can be found digitized on the site : http://www/fold3.com


            There is one man listed under the name Joshua Taner, who served as a soldier in the Albany County, NY militia and a different man named Joshua Tanner, who served in a Rhode Island unit.  If either man was your ancestor, then the following cards are all there is :




            However, if you believe he served in a different capacity, there may not be a CMSR for Continental Line service at NARA, and he may have served in a militia or state unit.  NARA only has CMSR files for soldiers who served in the Continental Line and some state and militia units attached to the Continental Army in Record Group 93, The War Dept Collection of Rev War Documents.  However, most militia and state units are not represented in this collection.  I suggest you contact the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Library, or hire a researcher to look there as well as at the Nat'l Archives.


            You can perform a preliminary search DAR's ancestor files here : DAR Genealogical Research Databases


            The DAR database shows a Joshua Tanner from Rhode Island and another, from Albany County, New York.

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