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    How can I obtain the bio of a Nisei during WWII?

    Bill Streifer Adventurer

      I located a document at the NDL that originally came from RG 331 at NARA. It refers to a Lieutenant C. H. Nagano in 1946. He visited Japan and acted as a translator during the interview of Japanese atomic scientists, so I believe he was a Nisei.


      Then, when I searched for "Nagano" and "Nisei" in Google books, I found a "Pat" Nagano, a Nisei. So I suspect that C.H. Nagano and Pat Nagano are the same person. By the way, all Nisei, second generation Japanese-Americans, had Japanese as well as American names.


      How can I prove they are the same person OR how can I obtain the bios of C.H. and/or Pat Nagano?