Where to find records of American Indians that were here before the US?

why don't you show records of the American Indians the ones that were here before the US and the Dawes Rolls? I am talking about the people that now are called Blacks and African Americans.

I am an American Indian with proof that goes in the 1600s. I did a lot of research that goes beyond your history. We had family members who couldn't speak publicly about our history but we got many stories privately. We have been attempting to reach the UN to repair the fraud but they were

discarding our complaints according to workers in the UN. We will never give up on our land and history. We have attempted to contact the President multiple times and he responded with information that was irrelevant. We are the people protected by the Treaty of Middle Plantation. The Treaty was signed 100 years before the US existed and was violated on day one. The Whitehouse sits on Tribal land and if you look in the Treaty they are in violation of the Treaty. This is a terrible historical event for what could have been the greatest country in the world. In 1923 the American Indians were not likes but were respected and in 1924 they were claimed to be US citizens but in reality it never happened. My elders said they never made that choice at all. In 1924 Indians were not taxed according to the US Constitution. We are taxed now and have been for many years illegally. Even though we were RECLASSIFIED we are still American Indians and the people that were given permission to be native Americans are not and must leave our land.