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    how do I send signature page for information requests


      I am trying to figure out what to send as my signature page to get  military information released to me. The only thing I have is "copy of signature verification- do not mail/fax" page. When I requested information nothing but this page printed out

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          Research Services at the National Archives Tracker

          Dear Ms. Saccary,


          There are a couple of possible scenarios that you could be working from so we will try to address them.


          If this is your initial request and you are completing and eVet Rec then there will be a signature option that pops up as you complete your request.


          If you are completing a SF180 to send in and request military information from the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC), your signature in the bottom portion will serve as an appropriate signature.


          If you have a pending case with the NPRC and they are following up with your request by requiring a signature page you may wish to write a brief description of what you are completing and reference your SR number your case was assigned and fax it in. For example; My name is Sharon Saccary and I am completing my signature verification requirement for my military information request SR # 2-2xxxxxxxxx. This signature is to serve as my signature verification.


          NPRC’s fax number is 314-801-9195.


          We hope this has helped! Thank you for contacting the History Hub!

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