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    New Pull Slips (Request Forms)


      I would like to start a discussion about the new pull-slips (request forms). 


      To staff : What was the reason for the change?


      To researchers : Have you used them yet and what do you think about them? 


      Personally, I like them.  They allow a more logical arrangement of the information necessary for a pull.  I especially like that I can put down an ARC or NAID number that will correspond with the entry in HMS or the catalog.




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          Thanks for your feedback, Mr. Deiss. Previously there were two types of reference service slips in use, one for the presidential libraries and one for other National Archives facilities. The goal was to incorporate the best elements of both slips into one form, while discarding several confusing and outdated fields. We anticipate that the new form will be easier to use for both researchers and staff.

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            Mr. Deiss,

            This content is currently featured in the room slideshow at A2 re: this change.


            Pull Slips 21Jul17 #1.jpg

            Pull Slips 21Jul17 #2.jpg


            Speaking solely for myself as a member of pull-refile staff, these slips constitute a significant upgrade over the old slips. They correct common errors researchers make regarding the information needed by staff to complete their pull, both in terms of getting to their researcher card and getting to their records.  New researchers often don't know what information in the finding aids/online catalog is important to getting their pull, so they either make requests that are too general or put superfluous information that complicates requests.  While reference staff are on hand to assist, there are only so many of them in the consultation room at one time, and on busy days, they simply do not have the staff or time to assist all researchers.  This slip will at least go some way toward making the process of requesting records from NARA more user friendly for all involved.


            I know your reaction was positive anyway, I just wanted to provide one perspective of additional insight for those who may be interested in the change and the rationale behind it.


            All the best.

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              Cinda Baxter CG Adventurer

              Having not used the original form, I can only comment on the current (read: "new") form being used. They were quite easy to use, from a researcher perspective---logical layout, direct about what details were required for a pull.


              Wouldn't change a thing.

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