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    Local institutions - contribute your content to Remembering WWI

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      If you're a local institution with local WWI collections and or are running WWI centenary programming, we invite you to contribute content to Remembering WWI.


      Why do this? Remembering WWI is a national collaborative effort, aimed at helping teachers and local institutions easily explore a rich collection of WWI film and photo primary sources from the US National Archives (NARA) and other national partners. Collection-creation is at the heart of the app experience, where in addition to exploring teachers and institutions can reuse this content to create their own collections. We want local institutions to contribute their own content as well, to help contextualize the experience of WWI at the local level and help build this national collection of WWI primary sources. Institutions that contribute their own materials will also be able to reuse NARA and other institutional content to enhance the narratives within their own themed app collections, for use locally in programming or tours for example.


      Where do I do the upload? If you are interested in adding content to the app, you will need to upload through Historypin. You cannot upload through the app itself. Any material appearing in the Historypin Remembering WWI collection will appear in the app.


      Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 11.14.11 AM.png

      The Remembering WWI collection on Historypin. Any collection you create here will automatically appear in the app.


      What are the steps?


      1. Are you uploading large amounts of content? If yes, you'll want to use Historypin's bulk uploader where you can easily gather your photo or film data on a CSV. Contact Kerri at kerri.young@historypin.org for more information on this. If no, start at Step 2.


      2. Create a free Historypin account. Go to Historypin.org to sign up, and create a profile on behalf of your institution.


      Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 11.23.42 AM.png

      The different ways you can join for free on Historypin.


      3. All content must go into a themed collection. We're surfacing all featured content in the app as curated collections, to make content easily discoverable. Before doing any uploading, first create a collection by going to the Historypin Remembering WWI collection and clicking "Add a Collection." Once you've added some details about what will go into it, then click "Add a pin" from within the collection to start uploading. Note that those who choose the bulk uploader will go through a different process.


      Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 11.21.58 AM.png

      Before adding content, click this button within the Remembering WWI collection on Historypin to first create a blank themed collection.


      4. View your content in the app or on Historypin. As you add "pins" to your collection, they will automatically appear in the app. You can view your collection on the app by downloading it here. Alternatively, your collection on Historypin is there for sharing as well!


      Archive page.PNG

      Your institution’s collection will appear here on in the app’s main collection list.


      • If you would like help walking through this process, feel free to email Historypin Engagement Manager Kerri Young at kerri.young@historypin.org.


      • For a great example of a local WWI collection on Historypin, check out Connecticut Remembers WWI, created by the Connecticut State Library as part statewide WWI centenary efforts.


      • For more information individual app features, check out NARA’s History Hub page for the app.


      Even if you don’t have the capacity to contribute, you can still reuse the app and its content in your local area. It’s a free resource that we are excited to share, and if you know someone who might be interested in using it please pass on any information.