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    Social Security Administration’s Office of Hearings and Appeals


      I’m interested in locating the records of the Social Security Administration’s Office of Hearings and Appeals. It was originally the “Appeals Council of the Social Security Board,” established shortly after the SS was started. In 1958 it became the Office of Hearings and Appeals, and then in 1962, it became the Bureau of Hearings and Appeals.

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          Dear Mr. Yellin,


          Thank you for your inquiry. The National Archives holds the records of the Social Security Administration (Record Group 47 in the National Archives Catalog), including the administrative records of the administration and those of the federal employees of the SSA.


          If you are seeking records of former employees of the SSA you may write to the National Archives at St. Louis (stl.archives@nara.gov) for those who served prior to 1952 or to the Civilian Personnel Records branch of the National Personnel Records Center (National Personnel Records Center, Annex; 1411 Boulder Boulevard; Valmeyer, IL 62295) for those who served after 1951.


          If you are seeking records of a particular era for the Appeals Council kept by the Social Security Administration, we would recommend that you utilize our National Catalog to search our holdings (https://catalog.archives.gov/search). It is helpful to include enclosed quotes such as “social security appeals” during your search. There is a file relating to “Social Security Act Appeals and Administrative Matters” from President Ford’s administration available at the Ford Presidential Library that I found using that search criteria.


          We did locate a potential series of interest, Professional Liaison and Briefing Files, 1946-1976 which may pertain to the records you’re seeking. They were formerly referred to as Bureau Of Hearings & Appeals; Office Of The Director; Professional Liaison And Briefing Files, 1929-1976. These records are held at the National Archives at College Park, MD. You can see the citation for these records via the National Archives online catalog here: https://catalog.archives.gov/id/7789315. The contact information for the records is located at the bottom of the citation.


          Good luck in your search!


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