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    Looking for Information about Steamboat manufacturers


      Hello Everyone,

           I am looking for information about Steamboat manufacturers in the Northern California area. Particularly, I am looking for where the plans would be for steamboats that were manufactured by a company called California Navigation & Improvement Company. I am looking for the plans of a boat called the HJ Corcoran that was built in 1898. If those don't exist anymore, then the plans of sister vessels would also work. Was there anything like sister ships for steamboats? Also, what kind of safes were used on those type of boats at that time? Was there a specific kind of safe manufacturer for steamboats or were they just any old safe that fit the ship? Finally, there was an investigation after that ship had an accident in 1913. Where did the investigation reports for the Steamboat Inspection Service go after the office closed in San Francisco? Did they go to Washington? If they did, do they still exist there? Thanks.





      Jeff Rowland