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      True your right. But the government or who ever has the information favors keeping secrets vampires and werewolves exist among us the government knows it if scientist do have the proof we sure as hell won't know about it I know the government has proof and files on it I'm a supernatural hunter I'm not your average human being I wasn't born yesterday it's funny how slowly these movies have become very romantic and etc these movies do have one thing correct vampires are seductive creatures they take the form of a human but in the sight of blood they you know. The government has proof I know I think you should know UFOs aren't the only supernatural files they have. Everyone should be aware of it they have clearly manipulated the history of these creatures for centuries medically diagnosing it with porphyria , rabbies its the ultimate cover up. If the government kept aliens a secret our entire existence they can hide vampires and werewolves. They completely lie to us about everything and for the skeptics out there they are blind as well scientist who think they have proven vampires and werewolves nonexistent are underestimating the supernatural.